A designer at heart who loves creating

I’ll help you achieve your business goals, be your go-to for any marketing needs, and teach you some things along the way.​

A creative problem solver with
2 decades of experience

Hello! I’m Lauren. I’ve lived in Virginia Beach for 16 years, but I’m originally from the Midwest and graduated from Ball State University.

I’ve worked in a variety of industries, including restaurant, entertainment, home services, financial, medical, legal, and non-profit. I am currently an independent consultant specializing in all things digital marketing. I believe that creativity is the key to solving any problem and love building brands from the ground up.

I’m blessed (cursed?) to be an analytical and creative thinker. This allows me to provide my clients with more comprehensive solutions by having the ability to review and understand critical data then using that information to come up with new and innovative ideas to reach their goals. It’s that way of thinking, coupled with my wide-ranging experience on both the client side and in the agency world, that makes me unique.

Depending on your business needs, I can adapt my services to provide you a custom-made digital marketing plan.

Fun and Adventurous.

Marketing doesn’t have to be boring! I’m here to help you take risks and learn what works, and why.

Always Learning.

I’m a creative nerd who loves learning, and will take the time to explain every aspect of the process.

Ahead of the Curve

In a world that changes quickly, it’s important to hire a marketer who is able to keep up with current and upcoming trends.

Personalized Approach.

I offer a more personal and customized approach because our business relationship is where the value lies for me.